Top frequently asked questions regarding our Yoga classes, Pilates classes and Massage Therapy services are very important so we list them below. Of course you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us.

Is it OK to eat before my class or massage?

It’s good to drink water before and after your class or massage. Do try to come to class with an empty (or nearly empty) stomach. A drink of juice or piece of fruit on your way will give you energy for working out without filling you up too much, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve eaten.

Is someone there at the studio all day?

No. We are a small neighborhood studio and we’re not there throughout the whole day. See our up-to-the-minute LIVE ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE. Feel free to call Maureen at 314.277.9589 with any questions.

What classes are for me?

If you have never done yoga before try Yoga Basics or Beginner which will give you all the information you need to feel comfortable and confident as you begin Yoga. After you’re comfortable with the basics, feel free to attend Open or Level I classes. From there feel free to explore and ask questions. In Pilates, we offer Mat Intro, which is the best choice for starting Pilates mat work in a group setting. And likewise, Pilates Equipment Intro is the beginning level for the equipment. To get the best introduction to Pilates, a private lesson is advised. We offer a start-up package, which is comprised of discounted classes to help get you started on your best foot.

What happens if the weather is bad?

You can check to see if we have cancelled class because of the weather on our LIVE ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE. You can call the office 636.938.3903 for a recorded message. If Rockwood schools are closed, we are closed.

Or call your instructor to be sure:

Maureen: 314.277.9589
Jacqueline: 314.221.5549
Joe: 314.706.4802

What is the LIVE ONLINE Schedule?

The LIVE ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE is our online studio management system. You can login to the system to purchase class cards, make appointments, see an up to the minute class schedule with substitutions or cancellations, see a history of your attendance, and more. Visit the LIVE ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE and see!

What should I bring to class?

You are welcome to bring your own mat but we have mats for your use. Other than that, you don’t need bring anything to your Yoga or Pilates class. We suggest a water bottle for T.F.C..

What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothes and leave your shoes in the shoe bench in the foyer. You may find form fitting clothing is best as it stays out of your way as you move through poses. Limit use of perfume before class, thank you. T.F.C. requires supportive, tight fitting tennis shoes.

What’s the best way to contact someone at the studio?

The best way to contact someone is to send an email to bcntrd@thestudioeureka.com . Second best way is to call or leave a message at 314.277.9589. You may also leave a message on 636.938.3903, or call any of our cell phones above.

Is Pilates or Yoga right for me?

The low impact nature of Pilates and yoga workouts, coupled with emphasis on the quality of movement, make Pilates and yoga perfect for any age, body type or fitness level. Our instructors pay close attention to your form, and help educate on how your body works. Pilates emphasizes core strengthening, Yoga emphasizes awareness and peace. Together they can transform your life! Lucky for you, you can do both forms of movement here, and we strongly encourage you to do so. If you have chronic pain or are rehabbing from an injury or surgery, private sessions, at least initially, are advised; likewise, we offer Massage Therapy to augment your movement sessions, and accelerate your road to recovery.

What is the best way to get started with Pilates?

Pilates requires a thorough understanding of its foundation principles in order to reap fully its’ benefits. Learning the fundamentals is tantamount to a strong foundation for your practice. Give yourself the opportunity to learn the pieces of each movement and to build from the basics. Your fitness level may allow your participation in a physically challenging, more ‘advanced’ class. But the information gleaned from the introductory level will increase the depth of your practice and ultimately allow you to realize the full and profound benefits of Pilates.

Ideally you would start with Private lessons and then join our group classes. Our Introductory leveled classes also allow for the learning of the basics, so do take advantage of those opportunities when first starting. Decide to learn the basic building block principles of the Pilates method. From there, you will move on to deepen your execution of the core foundation principles as they relate to the Basic exercise repertoire. You will then be very well prepared to progress through the additional and more complex movements.

How often should I workout?

The benefits you can achieve with our movement classes are no less than profound. Core Strength…Toning & Sculpting… Flexibility…Postural Alignment…Stamina…Long, lean, muscle…Relief of Chronic Back, Neck and Joint Pain…

To best realize these benefits, it is very important that a newcomer exercise under trained supervision for a minimum of 2-3 times a week in the formative stages. Allow yourself 12 weeks for the reprogramming of your muscle movement to take effect.

Do I sign up for a certain class time or session?

Our class card system allows you the flexibility of coming to any class you choose. If we have a session, it is separate from our class card system. With your class card, you may come to any class, any time, including Pilates Mat, Yoga T.F.C. Pilates Equipment requires advanced registration as we can accommodatae only for the number of reformer/tower systems. Your class card expires when you use it up! The Unlimited Monthly Card, which allows – you guessed it – unlimited classes, expires in one month.

If I have been working out with a Pilates video, do I need to start at the Beginning Level?

Yes. The good news about Pilates/yoga videos is that they introduce many people to the practice. However, because there is no interactive guidance from someone with a trained eye, it is difficult, if not impossible, for one to correct themselves, and thus develop proper form … which is essential if one is to realize the true benefits of Pilates/yoga . A regular home practice is also advised and encouraged. s.

A Pilates Trainer is a Pilates Trainer is a Pilates Trainer …A Yoga teacher is a yoga teacher is a… NOT!

Pilates and Yoga are much more than just a fitness craze…and they are sweeping the nation. That’s the good… and sometimes, the not-so-good…news. Because, with this massive popularity, has also come many who, with little or no training, claim they teach Pilates and or yoga. The Pilates Method Alliance stipulates a minimum of 400 credit hours in a recognized Certification Program before one is considered a comprehensively trained instructor. Yoga Alliance has a 200 and 500 hour standard that must be met before you can add RYT (registered yoga teacher) behind your name. The Studio insists on comprehensive training for all our instructors. Rest assured, you are getting the real deal here.

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