MELT Method

Melt Classes In St. Louis, MO

MELT at The StudioThe MELT Method is the very first Hands-Off Bodywork®  method developed for the general public as a self-care tool to relieve and prevent chronic pain. Developed by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann of New York, the method is designed to be learned and performed at home on a regular basis.

Using small balls and soft foam rollers, the connective tissue is rehydrated and the nervous system is rebalanced so the body functions efficiently and moves with ease.

Maureen recently completed the second training series in the MELT Method, and is the first in St. Louis certified to provide Hand and Foot Treatment and Length (Roller) techniques.

The Studio of Eureka Missouri will offer class times, workshops, and private lessons (1 – 4 people at a time) to teach you how to MELT and rid your body of stuck stress.

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Private Lessons in MELT are half price! Upon checkout, type letsmelt in the Promotion Code box.

New to The Studio!

Maureen is going to teach you how to become a “Hands-off Bodyworker” and show you how easy it can be to get out and stay out of chronic pain.


Pain occurs for a lot of reasons and as we all know, it’s easy to get into pain but tough to get out of it once it becomes chronic. Whether your pain started as an acute trauma like a car accident, a fall, or a sports injury, or it’s been creeping up slowly due to aging, an illness, or even a side effect of medication, when pain becomes a chronic state, there is one common source. I call it “stuck stress.”

Stuck stress is my way of saying there is dehydration in your connective tissue.

The problem is, most people haven’t heard of the connective tissue – let alone that it is an important element in our overall longevity or wellness.  What science is starting to recognize is that daily living, just the repetition of our daily lives, the common postures and movements we engage in, cause our connective tissue system to break down on a cellular level. This causes our body’s natural efficiency and stability to decline.

Connective tissue is everywhere, from your skin to your bones, in and around every muscle, joint, and organ. It’s a three-dimensional support system that keeps everything in your body stable, balanced, and connected. It keeps your skin toned, your muscles balanced, it gives your joints shock absorption, and keeps your organs suspended properly so they function efficiently. It’s the untapped resource that’s unaddressed by diet and exercise. That’s why so many people who are leading healthy lives, people who do all the right things – from eating a balanced diet to engaging in exercise – still suffer from chronic pain.

This cellular dehydration is a natural process that happens to every single person every single day. It’s happening to everyone, regardless of your age or activity level.

In fact, we’ve all experienced the early stages of stuck stress – what I call pre-pain signals – happening in our bodies; some of us woke up with one this morning! What is a pre-pain signal? How many of you woke up this morning feeling like your feet or low back were a little stiff? Or, have you ever sat for a long period of time and when you got up your joints felt a little more achey than when you sat down?

Well, if you’ve felt these things, you’ve experienced the most common early sign of connective tissue dehydration. The problem with pre-pain signals is that once you get up and move around, the aches tend to disappear. And because they disappear, we never do anything about them. But these are the subtle signs that your body needs some intervention.

If you never do anything about the pre-pain signals, stuck stress accumulates and can lead to the aches and pains that people end up taking a pain reliever for. But a pain reliever is just a temporary fix – and may cause even more problems than it solves. Stuck stress continues to accumulate and causes most of the common
symptoms associated with aging and disease. It exhausts your body’s natural ability to remain efficient, leaving you with bigger issues. You feel like you need to take a nap midday but even though you feel exhausted during the day, when you go to sleep you can’t fall asleep or you can’t stay asleep because you are getting up once or twice to pee.

Is this sounding familiar?

This is a big issue because sleep is when you heal, so if you don’t sleep soundly at night, you wake up the next day with even more accumulated stress in your body. Once you are in this state, you’ve got inflammation, digestive problems, weight gain, anxiety, and even depression… more common symptoms that we tend to manage with more medications.

So is there a solution?

YES! I’m going to teach you how to tap into your connective tissue system, help boost your body’s ability to heal itself, and help you gain immediate changes and lasting results with MELT.